About the company

Since its very foundation Alkion Chocolate Factory always strives to deliver high quality chocolate products made exclusively from natural cocoa products




Alkion Chocolate Factory began producing its first products in 2015. Becoming a factory, like any production process, takes time and investment, so in 2017 Alkion attracted a large tranche of investments, which were used to buy an automatic chocolate production line and packaging machines. And by 2019 we already had more than 30 employees producing about 50 tons of chocolate per year.

Every year Alkion Chocolate Factory augments production with modern European equipment. One would be hard pressed to find such harmony between machine and man as in our factory, for all our employees know that equipment makes work easier and makes the product safer for the consumer. Our production is certified in food safety which is proven by the ISO 22000 certificate. Our key auditor is the Swiss organization SGS, which has established itself as a leader in the field of food production certification around the globe. We choose only the best auditors for our production, as the main element of our chain is the Consumer and it is very important for us to provide them with the best product.


In 2020 Alkion made its first export shipment of chocolate, and now our products can delight consumers from other countries with their taste, and the the people of Tula region can take pride in the fact that their region has a team of exceptional professionals who produce a high-quality product that is in high demand even in other countries.


Every day our production strives to become better than before and we take great pleasure in making chocolate for you.

Our family
Today, all that is Alkion Chocolate Factory is envisioned and encapsulated in the people who carry out the mission of the company and make 100% natural chocolate for our customers, as well as take great care of the safety of the product they produce.